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Biomass Wood Chips

Biomass Wood Chips

To produce wood chips, woody biomass, to be burned afterwards, must be chopped. Because of the chipping process, wood chips are a relatively uniform fuel, which can flow and can be fed to a boiler automatically. The average dimension of a wood chip is from 16 to 45mm. For wood chips, there are standard sizes, which are defined in the standard mentioned below. The size specification refers to the cross-sections of the holes in a round hole sieve. They can be burned efficiently due to the high surface area-to-volume ratio.

Raw Materials

The quality of the wood chips depends on the used raw material and the chipper. With respect to the raw material, wood chips can be divided into the following groups:

  • Forest chips (produced from logs, whole trees, logging residues, or stumps)
  • Wood residue chips (produced from untreated wood residues, recycled wood, offcuts)
  • Sawing residue chips (produced from sawmill residues)
  • Short rotation coppice chips  (produced from energy crops)